Our teeth are supposed to last us a lifetime, but there are certain circumstances where a tooth needs to be pulled.

Dr. Taylor and Dr. Wagner offer tooth extractions in Jonesboro, Arkansas, for those who have a crowded mouth, suffer from infection, have a high risk of infection, suffer from periodontal disease, and are victims of decay.

This is a process where your dentist at Taylor Wagner Family Dentistry will numb your tooth and surrounding area and will also give you a sedative to help you relax during the extraction. Next, the dentist will cut away any gum and bone tissue that is refusing to let go of the tooth. Once the gums and bone are cut away, your dentist will grab the tooth with forceps and gently rock the tooth back and forth, loosening the tooth from the attached ligaments and bone that hold it in place. If the tooth is difficult to pull, your dentist will remove it in pieces. Once the tooth is pulled, your dentist will clot the blood in the socket and stitch up the wound if it is needed. Now, you need to take good care of that area because we do not want you to suffer from dry socket, which is where the blood clot in the bone socket breaks loose. If this happens, call our office right away.

To schedule an appointment to get a tooth pulled, call our office today!