We are proud to offer tooth-colored fillings in Jonesboro, Arkansas, that allows you to take care of a cavity or dental issue without filling your mouth with silver and gold substances.

Dr. Taylor and Dr. Wagner are happy to provide this option because they are natural-looking products, they make the needed restorations while giving the patients confidence, and they require less tooth removal during the process. This is a great option that chemically bonds to the tooth and gives our patients the aesthetic look they want.

Another reason why we offer tooth-colored fillings is because many people are opposed to silver amalgam feelings. They do not favor this type of filling because it is made of mercury, which could be considered toxic to their health. We care for our patients, and we want them to feel safe and understood, which is why we offer tooth-colored fillings.

The process of installing the filling only takes a short amount of time. It is usually needed when the dentist removes a cavity, performs root canal treatment, or needs to make a cosmetic modification, like covering cracks and breaks. The filling is inserted layer-by-layer and will allow you to leave the office with a strong, natural appearance.

To take advantage of our tooth-colored fillings, call Taylor Wagner Family Dentistry today and set up an appointment!