We are proud to offer TMJ treatment in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to those who have problems with their jaw. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Wagner understand that the TMJ disorder is very inconvenient and painful, which is why we give our patients the option of TMJ treatment.

TMJ is the hinge that connects your skull to the jaw bone. This hinge allows you to chew, eat, and speak by moving up and down or side to side. The TMJ disorder is the problem and difficulty you experience when you open your mouth. Dentists are not sure what causes this problem, but they have an idea that it involves the muscles or joint itself. Many people who suffer major blows to the head and neck are likely to suffer from the TMJ disorder. Some other incidences might include whiplash, grinding your teeth, having arthritis in the joint, and stress.

We offer different solutions and treatments to those suffering from this condition, including prescribed medications, Botox, customized splints or night guards, or dental work. This is a condition that could last a few days or a lifetime, and we are here to help you in any way we can.

If you would like to know more about the treatments we offer at Taylor Wagner Family Dentistry, call us today.