Do you have a painful and dying tooth that is completely damaged from decay and infection? If so, our team at Taylor Wagner Family Dentistry hates to see our patients in pain, which is why we provide root canal treatment in Jonesboro, Arkansas!

This treatment is meant to save your tooth from the dominating decay that is taking over your tooth. The first step to the treatment is Dr. Taylor and Dr. Wagner numbing your tooth and surrounding area. Once the tooth is numb, they will drill a hole into the tooth and remove the infected pulp. After the infected pulp is removed, your dentist will fill the bottom of the tooth with medications, temporary fillings, and root canal fillings. The hole will then be filled with a tooth-colored filling that will restore your tooth back to its original condition. If it is needed, your dentist will place a dental crown onto the tooth to give it structure and stability.

You might feel a little sore after the treatment, but it is nothing over-the-counter drugs cannot fix. We understand that having infected pulp inside your tooth is very painful, and we suggest that you call and set up an appointment so we can save your tooth and eliminate your pain.