Do You Have Questions About Dental Sealants? Here Are Your Answers

Our dentists, Drs. , encourages dental sealants for people who wish to maintain strong and healthy teeth. Generally, dental sealants are made to help children, but adults can also benefit from them if they have filling-free and healthy teeth. If you have questions about dental sealants in , , our dental team is more than… Read more »

The Reasons Why Your Dental Hygienist is Your Ally

Your dental hygienist can help you and your smile in many ways, which is why you should make them your ally. To elaborate, Dr. is happy to explain how your hygienist can help you. First, your hygienist knows how to take X-rays, which makes it possible to examine the underlying tooth roots and bones to… Read more »

How to Avoid Dental Damage If You Have the Cold or Flu

Although there are greater concerns with your health care when you have a cold or the flu, if you are not careful, your oral health can take a giant step back and suffer greatly. Even if you are sick, make sure you are still taking care of your smile. Do you know how to avoid… Read more »

Floss Has Three Different Options

Are you using the correct kind of dental floss? When it comes to the sea of options at the supermarket, how do you know which floss would work for you? To help you understand your many options, Dr. and our team at in , , is happy to help you navigate through the sea of… Read more »

A Bridge Restoration Might Be Able to Restore the Presence of a Previously Extracted Tooth

The void left behind by a tooth that required treatment by extraction can lead to a myriad of potential complications. Beyond obvious things like impaired oral function and changes in your smile’s appearance, the missing tooth can also cause changes in the alignment of other teeth in the area. As time passes, the teeth adjacent… Read more »

Inlays and Onlays: What You Should Know

Do you ever worry about a cavity? Do you think you could need to have decay addressed? Had you heard that the best way to address your decay is with a dental filling or potentially with a crown? While these choices will both be effective, did you know that an option known as an inlay… Read more »

Improve Your Smile by Improving Your Diet

If you wish to improve your smile, then you must improve your diet as well. Your diet could contain many products that may look innocuous or are safe for your waistline, but they may be unsafe for your gum line. For a healthier and safe smile, take the steps necessary to fix your diet. One… Read more »

Dental Myths Exposed!

You probably know that there are a number of things you should do if you’re interested in keeping your teeth healthy. For instance, you probably know that you should brush and floss your teeth. However, would you be surprised to learn you may have been told a few things that aren’t completely true? For example,… Read more »

Can BOTOX® Improve Your Appearance?

At , our dentists, Dr. Bruce Taylor and Dr. Katy Wagner are happy to offer BOTOX® cosmetic treatment for our patients in , , who are looking for a more youthful appearance in the new year. If you are wanting a boost to your self-confidence, BOTOX can help you with a more youthful appearance. With BOTOX, your… Read more »

How to Minimize Harm From Oral Emergencies

Oral emergencies can occur at any time or to anyone. Since accidents happen, it’s important to prepare ourselves by proper safety procedures should they be needed. If you should ever encounter such an emergency, our team at is here for your assistance. Following are some guidelines on how to prevent harm from an oral emergency. –… Read more »